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Meet the world's first 3D audio meditation

When Synctuition was launched in 2017, it represented the culmination of ten years of work, involving dozens of people and thousands of hours of studio time, recording and scientific research. We set out to change the way the world meditates, using the latest, most advanced scientific and technological breakthroughs and adding them to centuries old techniques to create something unique - a program that makes true meditation possible for anybody without any training..

Heal. Grow. Evolve.


“As a recovery and transformation coach for people who are healing from toxic relationships, I’m no stranger to binaurals and guided meditations.  I’ve personally been doing them for years, but when a colleague recommended Synctuition I was immediately hooked.   My creativity and energy levels have soared and I’m embarking on new projects that intimidated me in the past.

Though scientific studies have shown the life-changing benefits of guided meditations, many people are still skeptical and consider them to be metaphysical ‘woo’.  The fact that Synctuition meditations were developed in cooperation with psychologists and neurologists should put those reservations to rest.

I enjoy Synctuition meditations for their realistic 3-D sounds and unparalleled relaxation benefits, but the thing that impresses me most is how Synctuition uses your own personal voice frequency into your personalized meditations, because the frequency of your own voice is something that resonates very smoothly with your subconscious mind.  This is essential for my followers because addressing the subconscious mind is how we heal emotional trauma.

I am delighted to have found Synctuition.  I look forward to more enlightenment, spirituality, and abundance in all its forms as I progress through my Synctuition journeys.”

~ Kim Saeed, Recovery and Transformation Coach

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It’s so much more than meditation. From better sleep to more efficient exercise, Synctuition can improve every aspect of your life

The beauty of 3D sound

If you have never experienced the beauty of 3D sound, you’re in for a real treat. Synctuition’s soundscapes will transport you to different places and environments, letting you travel the globe and the far reaches of the universe, all from the comfort of your own home.

The power of gamma waves

When we set out to incorporate gamma waves in Synctuition, we were told it couldn’t be done. The power of gamma waves and their effect on the human brain have been widely acclaimed, but until now no one has been able to harness them in a way that wasn’t highly unpleasant to the listener.

The ultimate experience in sound technology

Synctuition gives you soundscapes so real you can almost touch them by combining the following elements:

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    Exclusive recordings of nature 

    and sounds from the world’s most diverse locations, all done specifically for this project

  • placeholder

    Original musical recordings 

    from incredibly talented musicians

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    rhythmic entrainment frequencies

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    Guided meditation

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    Natural “everyday” sounds 

    which may seem so common, our ears don’t even pay attention to them anymore

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    3D sounds 

    a technology you must hear to believe

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    Your own personal inner voice

    that is seamlessly mixed into the sound wave of each track

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    Binaural Gamma wave

A decade's worth or recordings

  • 13,208

    Unique and natural sounds were recorded and used within the synctuition journeys

  • 1943

    Locations were used for recordings

  • 105

    Musicians created original music to be used for creating the musical backgrounds for the journeys

  • 420,000

    Minutes of field recordings conduced

  • 1511

    People involved in creating the Synctuition Wave


Personalized meditation - because you’re unique

In order for you to be able to relax better while listening to the tracks, Synctuition mixes your own personal voice frequency into your Synctuition journeys, because the frequency of your own voice is something that resonates very smoothly with your unconscious mind.

Each person is different and Synctuition adds this uniqueness into your personal Synctuition Wave so that you can experience deeper relaxed meditative states where your imagination is free to look where it wants.


How does it work?

Through a groundbreaking and totally unique combination of 3D soundscapes, gamma waves, binaural beats and personalised sound journeys, users are guided into deep relaxation and meditative states. This acts as a physical and mental supplement - completely legal, safe and highly effective.

25 minutes a day - make happiness a habit

Synctuition consists of 60 totally unique and distinct audio journeys, each one touching on a specific topic or emotion to help guide you through life. All you need is a pair of stereo headphones and 25 minutes a day in a nice relaxing place.


People about Synctuition

"Part of my daily life"

I have started using Synctuition every evening after my workout as part of my relaxation routine and I gotta say that, once you get used to it, it is simply mindblowing. At first it was a bit weird, as the binaural beats and gamma waves really give your brain a workout and, like any muscle, it takes time to get it working to its full potential. Now I wake up feeling more rested than ever before and my energy and happiness levels have skyrocketed. I am amazed at how quickly Synctuition became a habit I can’t do without. The 25 minutes I spend listening to it every day leave me feeling like I can take on the world.


Elliott Hulse

Fitness & Strength Coach

"Extremely positive impact"

Incredibly high quality sound experience. Beautifully done! So clever! At first I was anticipating a meditation experience and wasn't sure how that would integrate with the intuition training of the brain, so some tracks were super relaxing, and others were surprising when unexpected noises arose. I had read about this in the information before I started, so it made sense. Then once I got prepared for unexpected noises to happen, then it was very interesting, relaxing, and surprising, and mysterious and enjoyable! I really like how it's an overall sound experience and journey, and anticipating what might be happening next. Amazing!


Bernadette Logue

Transformational Life Coach

“All of my friends on the set use it”

When I discovered the amazing journeys of the Synctuition program, I was totally hooked. I don’t know if it’s the 3d sounds, or how epic it sounds all together but the journey’s always put me in the right mood for reading scripts and working on my parts.  This thing has a vibe I can’t describe but it sure gives me what I need. I let some of my friends on the set in on the secret and pretty much all of us now use it regularly. Thanks guys.